Monday, March 2, 2015

Trimming: When You Need It and How

People are often skeptical of the fact that in order for hair to grow, you have to cut it from time to time. It's very true, however. Old hair is weaker than newer hair, and the oldest parts of your hair are the ends. These parts are worn and tired. They split and break and knot up on themselves. And if they are not removed, that damage travels further and further up the hair strand. This are not reversible, only preventable.
Trimming the damaged ends from your hair gives you an overall smoother style, improves your length retention, and generally refreshes your hair. So do you need a trim? Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs.

  • Your ends lose their curl.- Let's say you straighten your hair. If the ends have trouble reverting back to curly after you shampoo, they may be damaged.
  • Your ends lose their shine.- If your hair is generally healthy and shiny but your ends are very dull, it could be due to splitting strands. Time to trim.
  • Your ends are thinner than your roots.- To some degree, this is normal simply due to the age of your ends compared to new growth. But, if your ends are noticeably thinner than the rest of your hair, they need trimming.
  • Your ends are uneven.- This is a sign of breakage. Hair doesn't break off nice and neat at a set length. It breaks where it is weakest. You need a trim to even it out, and then some moisturizer to prevent future dryness and breakage.
  • The dreaded fairy knots.- grab a section of hair and closely examine your ends. Do you see a lot of individual strands that have tied themselves in knots? This is more prevalent if you wear your hair loose on a regular basis. Fairy knots only lead to more knots and tangled, frizzy styles. Your fastest solution is to cut them.
  • Your ends stay frizzy.- If your styles never look smooth anymore and no amount of product or detangling will fix it, your ends are split. This is incredibly obvious when wearing straight styles, but split ends can also sabotage an otherwise fabulous twist-out.
If you've never trimmed before, the first few times may seem more like a haircut when you see how much damage needs to be removed. But once that is removed, you'll find yourself needing only a small trim every few months. If you wear your hair loose on a regular basis, consider increasing the frequency of your trims, since your ends are exposed and wear out faster.
A simple trim can be done easily at home, but you may want to consider a professional if your hair is an awkward length, or you've never been trimmed before. A stylist can evaluate your hair and accurately determine just how much needs to be trimmed.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Magic of Locs: Coloring and Styling

Locs, or dreadlocks, are a unique subset of the texture of natural hair. There are many methods to start locs, but the end result is strands of hair that matte and lock together to create a hanging, rope-like appearance.
It is important to understand that locs, while just as versatile as any other hair type, do not behave like loose hair. We are offering a one-day clinic to educate loc wearers and loc stylists alike on how to approach two popular techniques: Coloring locs, and Cutting them.

World-renowned loctitian Thierry Baptiste will discuss:

  1. Theory: What are Locs and how does this TEXTURE of hair react to the chemistry of color
  2. Forms of Color: rinses, demi, semi, permanent, and bleach alternatives. 
  3. Cutting Locs: The taboos, The fear, The Truth. Long layers, bobs, and bangs - how to cut them properly. 
  4. Color Applications: highlights, partial heads, whole heads, lowlights, reverse highlighs
  5. Stylings - Thinking outside the box techniques. 
  6. Bonus for Professionals: "I cover Internet marketing via social media networking and how to get published without paying magazines. My business being world renown is a product of social media and I have been published in magazines around the world and have not paid a dime nor have I ever entered a Loc Competition, which is the traditional way of getting recognized and rising to the top in our industry. I represent The New Era of Locs!"- Thierry Baptiste
Tickets for this unique course available now for Class in South Florida on March 22nd and Thierry Baptiste will be taking clients the next day at All Dolled Up Salons !

If you have any future inquires, emails can be directed to:

For Tickets:…

Facebook Event Page:

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Benefits of Steam Treating your Hair

The single constant in hair is this: hair NEEDS moisture. Hair without sufficient moisture is weak, brittle, crunchy, and dull. Everything about it is sad. Moisture itself boils down to one thing: water. Which brings us to the increasingly popular steam treatment. A steam treatment is exactly what it sounds like. You sit under a machine that looks like a hair dryer, but instead of hot air, steam comes out. The steam opens the cuticles of your hair, allowing it to absorb water and other products to it's maximum potential. A 30-minute steam treatment can make all the difference in how your hair receives a deep conditioning, or even a new color. How else does it help your hair?

  • Moisture Retention- Moisturized hair is cooperative hair. It will hold the styles you want better and for longer periods of time. Take your twist out from 3 days to 7!
  • Curl Definition- You know that gorgeous curl pattern you have fresh out of the shower that disappears in a ball of frizz once your hair is dry? That's moisture at work! This is why it's so important to infuse your hair with moisture.
  • Hair Strength- Dry hair is brittle and weak. It breaks off when it's manipulated. Moisture gives your hair the strength to bounce back to normal after it's manipulated. This is the key to length retention.
There are multiple hair steamers on the market in a variety of price ranges. It is understandable that any healthy hair seeker may want to try the technique before making the investment, so visit All Dolled Up during the month of February to get a FREE steam treatment included in your service appointment. All you have to do is book your appointment with our Featured Stylist, Anthea Rolle.